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December 2011

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This year the main focus of these articles was how to most effectively buy or sell a home.  They provide many tips on how to make your home more attractive to buyers, or how to not get burned when purchasing a new home.  In 2011 we have seen a double dip in housing prices.  We have seen the lowest interest rates on mortgages ever.  We have also seen some minor signs that housing is on the road to recovery.  Historically, owning a quality home has consistently been a sound investment in the long term.  As always whether or not you plan on buying or sell, upgrading or downgrading, you owe it to yourself to enlist the aid of an experiance realtor.  You simply can't match the kind of assistence you will get working with a realtor.  So as we

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There are a few factors that you can keep in mind when you make the decision to sell your home.  Improving these items is easy, and will increase your chances of selling your home in a reasonable amount of time for a fair price. 

1.  Choose an experienced Realtor to guide you through the process.  You really can't match the level of knowledge, advertising, and personal attention that you will get from working with an experienced Realtor.  This is a must if your goal is to sell your home. 

2.  Advertising and photos of your home must be there very best.  Just as you would put on your best clothes for a job interview, photos of your home are the first impression potential buyers get when deciding to view a property.  Usually your Realtor would be

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Buying your first home is a big step in life.  It requires a lot of preparation and planning.  Consulting an experienced realtor can really help you achieve this important goal, but here are some basic steps to prepare you and your family for success. 

1.  Fix your credit.  Nothing will grind your quest for owning a new home to a screeching halt faster than a bad credit score.  You'll want to have your score professionally checked at least six months or more before you plan to buy a home.  Some common factors that affect scores are you debt/income ratio, the amount of credit card debt you carry, and missed payments on bills.  It is always possible to salvage a bad credit score, but give yourself a lot of time to prepare in this area. 

2.  Prepare

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Generally when you are getting ready to purchase a home most people apply for a mortgage.  With the current economic situation it's becoming more and more difficult to get mortgage applications approved.  Here are the top six reasons that mortgage applications get rejected.

1.  Your income.  The amount of money you make is directly linked to how large of a mortgage a financial institution will allow you to take on.  Credit cards and other debt can also be a significant factor. 

2.  Total expenses.  If more than 45% of your income is going toward bills, this can increase the likelihood that your mortgage application will be rejected.

3.  Debt.  If your credit score is too low, or you carry too much debt, it can lower your chances.

4.  If the

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With the beginning of a new year fast approaching, now is an exellent time to set goals and make plans for you and your family.  If one of these goals is to purchase a new home, here are some pointers for preparing to achieve your goal in 2012. 

1.  Check your credit.  Nothing will ruin your transaction to purchase a new home faster than a low credit score.  You need to check your credit, and if there is a problem make a plan for the best ways to improve it before you attempt to purchase a new home.

2.  Do your research.  Make decisions about exactly where you want to live, how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want, and other specifics about the home you want.  Also choose an experianced Realtor to aid you in buying the home.  The more specific

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1. Fewer defaults and foreclosures are occurring

2. More home sales are occurring

3. Fewer vacant homes; they are selling and being rented

4. Lower Mortgage Rates

5. Higher Homeownership Rates

The National Stats say a lot but there is nothing like statistics on a lower level.  


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Sometimes each member of a team is not that strong, but when combined together on a team, they win. Real Estate Investingis like that. 

First, you have a hard asset. You have a house, duplex, or apartment. This is not something made of blips on a screen. It is like gold or silver; it is a collection of natural resources. There is real labor that turned the natural resources into a collection of wood, wires, paint, metal, concrete, and glass and put it on a real piece of land.

This real asset won't go away overnight. No matter what happens in the Asian markets overnight, your house will still be standing. Of course, if something were to happen to your house like a local fire, you have insurance. You have a hard asset that is insured for the full

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J. Paul Getty famously said, "Buy when everyone else is selling and hold when everyone else is buying." Many commercial brokers believe that present market conditions provide an unprecedented buying opportunity to lock in significant real estate investment returns. Despite the opinion of some real estate professionals, however, many investors remain on the fence. While each investor must carefully consider their own financial objectives and risk tolerance before jumping back into the market, we've listed a few reasons investors should consider in assessing today's real estate purchase opportunities:

1) 1031 Exchange Opportunity - Investors with low basis properties may utilize Internal Revenue Code §1031 to defer tax on the sale of one underperforming

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  Housing prices and interest rates have been declining in the United States for around four years now.  However, consistently through the countries history homes have proven to be an excellent investment over a long period of time.  If all the noise you're hearing about housing has you totally confused, join the crowd. One day you'll read that owning a home has never been more affordable. The next day you'll see news that housing starts have plunged to nearly their lowest level in half a century, as headlines announced in March. After four years of falling prices and surging foreclosures, it's hard to know what to think.

  If you look all the way back to the 1940's you will find many periods of stress in the housing market, and no shortage of articles

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