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January 2015

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  • I just wanted to share some important safety tips for anyone that is selling their home.  This applies to sellers listed with a Realtor and especially For Sale By Owners. FSBO's are especially vulnerable because they have total strangers calling them so they can enter their home.  My suggestion for a FSBO is never show the home alone.  Always have a partner  
  • Stow away valuables. During showings, sellers cannot always depend on the agent to watch every move a client makes. Be sure to safeguard all jewelry, prescription drugs, and small poachable items.
  • Remove family photos. Agents have often told sellers to do this as a way to allow potential buyers to envision themselves in the house. It’s now a safety concern. What if a pedophile is the buyer
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It is getting easier for some buyers to land a house with less money up front.

More lenders are lowering down-payment requirements, allowing borrowers to commit 3%—or even less—of a home’s purchase price to get a mortgage. Most had been requiring down payments of 20% or more since the recession began, with a few exceptions.

Some lenders also are waiving mortgage-related fees, and more are allowing down payments to be made by other parties, such as the borrower’s family.

The deals are aimed at buyers with good credit scores and a steady income who have been unable to save enough for a sizable down payment. They are often targeted at buyers who live in expensive housing markets, where even a small down payment can equal tens of thousands of

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With rents rising faster than incomes, many people are expected to start looking to buy homes of their own. 

There are many good reasons why now is the time to look at purchasing a home.  Lower down payment mortgages, looser lending standards and a bigger selection of homes to choose from.  According to the Mortgage Bankers Association, sales of new homes are expected to climb by more than 13% in 2015, while existing home sales are expected to increase by 5%.

Builders are ramping up production of smaller homes to accommodate new entry-level buyers, said Stan Humphries, chief economist for Zillow.  With so many new homes slated to come onto the market, the supply is expected to loosen up and take some pressure off of home prices. That should improve

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