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  Housing prices and interest rates have been declining in the United States for around four years now.  However, consistently through the countries history homes have proven to be an excellent investment over a long period of time.  If all the noise you're hearing about housing has you totally confused, join the crowd. One day you'll read that owning a home has never been more affordable. The next day you'll see news that housing starts have plunged to nearly their lowest level in half a century, as headlines announced in March. After four years of falling prices and surging foreclosures, it's hard to know what to think.

  If you look all the way back to the 1940's you will find many periods of stress in the housing market, and no shortage of articles

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The four most important factors in selling your home are condition, marketing, price and location.  Your home should be clean and in good condition before you try and sell it.  If you are working with an experienced realtor your marketing should be great.  The thing you need to do as a seller is to price it realistically.  You are going to get the most activity as far as showings within the first two or three weeks.  If you price the home high with the intention of lowering it later if it doesn't sell, you are significantly reducing your chances of selling the home in a timely manner at a fair price.  Buyers and Buyer's Agents watch the market for price reductions.  When they see a property come on higher than market value they know that it is only a…
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Income properties have several advantages that stocks do not have.  First, the income is steady and controllable.  You are not dependent on the fluctuations of the stock market, you simply get rent over a period of time and build equity in the property.  Second, Income properties are nearly guarenteed income.  You find good tenants to agree to a lease, and you collect rent money each month.  As long as your tenants pay their rent and you keep the property rented you get the income.  Third, Income properties can be a source of leverage.  Some investors use funds borrowed from their aquired properties to purchase more properties.  Fourth, Income properties have less taxes than stock market investments.  Finally Income properties have low volatility in their…
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Is it better to buy or rent?  This is a question realtors get asked a lot.  We are looking at a market where home prices have been going down, interest rates have been historically low, and rental prices have been going on.  The answer is that there are a lot of advantages to owning your own home, if you can stay in the home for at least six years.  Very long term home prices have steadly increased since the 1940's. 

Check out this calculator to help you make the choice that is right for you.



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One great advantage to owning a home is building equity.  Traditionally the value of a home increases over a 5-10 year period.  It is a safe investment, as long as you are willing to be rooted to one place for that period of time.  Your mortgage will stay the same, unlike rents which can change everytime your lease is updated.  As a home owner you get to make your own decisions about changing things in the home without having to ask permission.  Current interest rates are providing an excellent opportunity to purchase your own home, and make an investment in your future (   
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The Porter Team has created a new website for your convenience so that you may easily search for homes for sale, for rent,  schools, about us, and the services that we offer.  We offer Professional Property Management, Represntation of Buyers, Sellers, and counselling and assistance to homeowners in distress.  Please visit us at www.  We enjoy helping people buy and sell real esate, manage their rental portfolio, and help build wealth through acquiring investment properties.  It is a great time to buy.  Stop in and say hello.  We would love to know what you think of the site.
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